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Unbranded Socks - White + Black Colours

Unbranded Socks - White + Black Colours

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Little Bit Used

Little bit worn between 3-5 days.

Very Used

Well Worn between 7-10 days.

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Cheap unbranded socks, these are about as thick as Adidas Crew Socks. They are ideal for those who like a little smell with the used worn visuals 🧦

When you make a purchase I will happily provide you with updates if you want (free of charge) when making a purchase I am happy to turn this into an experience for you 😈

You can customise the socks however you want from selecting the level of stink to adding some spunk 💦 If you have other requests then contact me.  All orders are custom so there will be a wait time.

Sock Size - 7-9 UK

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